Episode 1: What I Do When I’m Not Turning It Up On Anchor

Welcome to Straight From the Hip with Courtney!
I’ll admit, now that it’s here I’m pretty excited, and more than a little nervous about the pre-launch of the podcast.
It’s a really big step in my own change process, to put myself in a position of having my thoughts and words scrutinized, after a rash of hacks on both social media and my websites discouraged that very thing for several years.
Change is a funny thing.
It can be good or bad, and inspire you to hug your dog or cry in your pillow, depending on your perspective (and whether it’s affecting you directly or not).
Creating a podcast and committing to invest time and effort into building a fun, actively engaged,and happy community around it, is a pretty big change for me.
Committing to allow myself to unselfconsciously create a creative, funny and sometimes brutally honest space to encourage, inspire and motivate people who may have gone (or are going) through some pretty crazy things as they attempt to change their lives for the better, can sometimes feel a little intimidating.

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