New Episode: Talking With Oliver

How do you manage the space between releasing the old as you’re creating the new?

In a serendipitous kinda way I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Talk With Oliver Podcast.

Hopefully resulting in a podcast episode that connects with your current state of awesomeness and inspires you to create joyfully without limit in your life.

It began with a post in a Facebook Group for podcasters, juggled a few times to account for timezones, even adding in a 5am wake-up call and no interest in hair/makeup.

(I know, I know, falling short of my own Kim K #GlamSquadGoals )

Host Oliver Sea and I went deep on so many topics around the subjects of:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in defining your career path and life direction
  • Decluttering the mind to clear space for creative breakthroughs
  • And going from concept to BEing in tapping in to your inner child and living the law of attraction

What does it mean to peel your labels off?

A conversation that started with a question – and resulted in a dialogue on the power that comes from growth – was deep, wide, and worth the effort.

I figured you'd want to listen, and hear,feisty kittens so I saved you a seat!
Grab a cuppa joe, settle in,and enjoy the show.

I'd love to know what your EI SuperSkill is, and how you apply it to your daily success and personal growth.

Leave your comments below and don’t forget to Subscribe!

Watch Full Video

Full Audio–Courtney-Jones–Podcast-24-eb8ilg

Visit Oliver’s Site:

Talk With Oliver Podcast

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