Why Sometimes It’s The Little Things That Make the Biggest Impact In Social Good.

Who’s Good?

If I’ve ever posted a meme, post or video that made you think, wonder, or laugh out loud, I’m glad to be of service.

Always made it a point to be more social, than selling on my social media, so ive never really pressed my consulting services, or even the podcast too much.
That’s probably my biggest mistake I’m realizing.

I’m currently not just stuck in the house, Im feeling pretty close to giving up.
Pleading for help has never been my style and asking for it hasn’t seemed to do any good.
I have a lot of followers who constantly worry about #mentalhealth and I usually agree.

This week I’ve realized not eating for days, and asking for help and being ignored, can be even more disastrous to the #bodymindspirit, especially when your stomach feels like its eating itself.

Fortunately, avoided crazy crowds and empty shelves for 11 days because i have no way to get there and no funds to participate.

I’ve always been a believer in the quality of life not quantity of years and it’s been a great (almost) 50yr run for me. Luckily there’s a backup plan consisting of a very long nap

Seen so many posts about being good to one another, so maybe I’ve just been asking wrong.
So I’ll try it another way.

If you wanna #buymelunch a #coffee, or just #donate a dollar, it would help way more than you realize.
Venmo: @MsCourtney-Jones
CashApp: @Str8fromthehippod
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks for reading.

Even a small donation is welcome and appreciated.
Thank You

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