Spotify Wrapped 2020 Results Are In

When I posted my first episode of 2020 I was full of optimism and buoyed by my move into a new home. The ideas came faster than I could get them down and my list of cool people it would be awesome to coffee and convo with on the show was getting longer.

As the red headed step child of the broadcasting industry, podcasting had been looked at as what you did if you couldn’t get in radio when I did my first show The Mental Alchemy Matrix on Blogtalk Radio in 2009.

I’ve always seen the entertainment potential in having real conversations and giving the average joe (or josie) a voice in speaking on their experience of the world around us.

Whether local issues or national events, I grew up hearing regular people express valid and sometimes surprisingly sophisticated analysis of how headline issues affected their daily living.

After years of having fun with podcasting as a way of connecting with others, exploring familiar concepts in new ways, and yes, venting; Being snickered at by peers and talking out loud to myself in an empty room was finally starting to pay off. The industry was having it’s coming out party and I was ready to get down to the business of podcasting this year.

Then CoronaPocalypse hit.

Suddenly the world was different and life changed almost overnight. We went from too busy to slow down and not having the time to really connect with others, to social distancing and yes, I’ll say it, on occasion a little too much together time.

We were all forced into new ways of entertaining ourselves this year.

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