Hi, I’m Courtney!

A Colorado native, client service professional, podcaster, and content creator with decades of customer service experience and a passion for seeing people at their highest potential.

I’m also a former spoken word artist who served a stint in the early ’00s as the marketing director of a tv show (and even manned camera number two for awhile).

Throughout my career, I’ve learned to apply old skills in new ways, use creative problem solving to push past obstacles and “can’t be done“, and to connect with audiences quickly and build rapport. I use this skill in my interactions with customers on stage, in my programs, on the phone or through email to build engagement.

I also talk about how it felt to be an artist because there are many myths about artists that are not true. It’s not all glamour and fame, there are many tough times as well. But what is important is that you have to do what you love or you will never be happy.