Self Confidence Is An Inside Job

Ever been in a room full of people or found yourself amongst a group of what seemed like reasonable peers, and realized, I don’t fit in here?

It’s happened to everyone on at least one occasion. The tendency is to try and figure out what’s wrong with you. To wonder if there’s something you should be doing to be more acceptable, to fit in better.

Ever notice how the more you try to fit in the harder it becomes to feel good about it?

Maybe that’s because you were never meant to fit in and you’re actually here to stand out.

So much time (and money) is spent on trying to twist ourselves into what others have decided is acceptable, today. Tomorrow brings with it more shoulds and supposed tos that don’t take into account who you are at your best and brightest.

The tendency is to clip your own wings, downplay your own awesomeness, in the anticipation of others being uncomfortable with your shine.

Stop Doing That

Take inventory of your awesomeness on a daily basis. Get clear on the talents you have, the struggles and challenges you’ve overcome, and the talents and skills you’ve acquired throughout your life.

Make lists of all the things you like about yourself, That others like about you. Keep them on a sticky note on your computer or on the bathroom mirror.

When you see how it all contributes to your uniquely awesome and quirky self, you’ll stop worrying about fitting in and allow yourself to naturally stand out in a crowd.

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