Voting 2020: Off To The Races

In what has been a year of the unusual, I did what I’ve done every four years for decades, and somehow I thought it would feel more profound.

Instead, It felt almost like a held breath. That moment of silence in between, when you’ve lit a firecracker but the pop hasn’t hit your ears yet, or the gaping hole of silence immediately after the boom.

The mingled voices, excitedly thrilled, or shrill and fearful, haven’t begun to give definition to the moment yet, and I sit with the country’s bated breath and respect the silence.

This year it carries a sense of completion. Of full circle in what at times felt like a blindfolded walk through Alice’s Wonderland.

As far as the results themselves, my focus is, as usual, primarily on my local races. I want to know how local, national and international issues affect not just my personal life, but the community I live in.

But i also long for a normal that seems almost quaint at this point.

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