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Why Don’t You Just Netflix And Chill?

During a recent conversation with my technology adverse, 70 something mother, I found myself laughing out loud at her fascination with the multitude of self indulgent and slightly voyeuristic content available at her fingertips strolling through Netflix for the first time.

The laugh being all the more welcome after months of frustration at her unwillingness to try the free trial, convinced her credit card would be sucked out into “that dark web“. And used by nefarious Netflix employees to buy rounds of drinks at seedy bars where no one wears masks, perhaps?

Nothing we said would convince her to try even 10 days and cancel. Not even when I assured her that Over 200 million people worldwide have already made it to the promised land of binge watching.

She wasn’t moved. Until a year later when her curiosity finally got the best of her. I didn’t bother to ask out loud, but wondered how many episodes of Locke & Key did she deprive herself of, in between?

How To Be Open-Minded to New Ideas

If you have definite ideas about how things are or how they should be, you’ve probably had someone tell you to “keep an open mind.” Having an open mind is important to succeed in life.

Embracing, or at least considering, new ideas and technologies is vital to our personal growth.

Being able to think critically is a vital component of being open-minded. In our quickly changing technological world, it’s important to keep an open mind in order to keep up and stay current, rather than missing out on all the new things around us.

  • Are you willing to consider someone else’s opinion?
  • Can you look at facts that may seem suspect and analyze them without bias?

If you’re open-minded, you can be flexible when met with new ideas. It means you can adapt to new experiences.

Here are some ways to learn how to be open-minded to new ideas:

Let Go Of Needing To Be Right

  • While it’s not unusual for some people to be obsessed with being right, it’s not something that’s looked favorably upon. No one can be right all the time, not even you!
  • Try to be relaxed when discussing new ideas rather than having a knee-jerk reaction to be right.

Everyone Is Made Up of Unique Experiences

  • Our ideas are shaped by the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world around us. We constantly interact with others who see the world differently.
  • They may be from a different country or have different life experiences that have shaped those beliefs. Someone born at an earlier time would also see things differently than you.

Listen With Ears To Hear

  • Rather than jumping in with your opinion, let the other person finish speaking. Then use active, or reflective listening to understand and clarify their ideas.
  • Repeat back to them what you understood. Respectfully ask questions when you don’t understand or agree with their standpoint.

Take The Time to Learn Something New

  • There’s no better way to open your mind to new ideas than to attempt a new task. Learning new skills or taking up a new hobby can open your mind in ways that nothing else will. Give it a try; you may surprise yourself!

Whether you’re churning out major social marketing content, manage a team, or function as the official project manager for your family during those “there’s nothing to dooodays, it’s important to keep an open mind in order to keep up with new technologies and ideas and stay current, rather than missing out on all the new things around us.

How can you get ahead of the game and start seeing the opportunities that others miss?

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