What Are The Actual Symptoms of The Virus, and Is Not Knowing Affecting African American Communities At A Higher Rate?

10 Symptoms no one Is really talking about.

When news of the virus first hit the US, the focus was on students and the wealthy who’d traveled overseas, the elderly, and those with pre-existing medical conditions that made their immune systems vulnerable to infection.

In the African American community, where a history of skepticism of public health authorities, combined with the original reports, there were rumors the virus was a “white people’s disease” and early precautions weren’t always taken.

I started wondering what all the symptoms were, and why we were only hearing about two, and decided to research – after initial reports from China surfaced saying a high percentage of those testing positive were asymptomatic.

The majority also showed a commonality of symptoms across the range of cases, whether patient’s recovered or not.

In the videos, I’ve listed 10 Key Indicators to help identify potential risk of the virus, especially if you are already practicing #StayingHome and #SocialDistancing and are in the house with others.

Part 2:

If you haven’t been tested for the virus, and you live in a high density, urban environment, or in one of the black communities at highest risk, what are you currently doing to stay healthy?

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