Creating A Healthy Cycle Of Self Care For Working Professionals

Whether you work in retail, on the phone, or are just a general people person, these tips will help you be more patient and more effective in handling those difficult customers.

As a customer service professional, it’s your job to be nice and polite no matter what.

That might sound like an easy task but when you’re dealing with difficult customers on the phone or in person every day, this can feel impossible at times.

Throughout this series: Self Care for Working Professionals, I’ve shared some tips that will help you improve your communication skills as well as how to stay motivated about providing great customer service all day long.

We’ve talked about how to stay positive while dealing with customer complaints;

Have any questions? Let me know below and I’ll answer them below, and maybe on air.

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Courtney Jones
Courtney Jones

Hi! I’m Courtney Jones, an expert in customer experience, and a champion of white glove, top notch client service for the past 30 years.
I’m a speaker, former spoken word performer, coach, and host/producer of the Straight From the Hip with Courtney Podcast.

In my spare time I love spending time with the ‘grands and cooking gooey desserts that are so good they’re almost sinful!
Tall since childhood, a fact that used to really embarrass me, I’ve become very comfortable standing out in a crowd. Even experiencing personal & business hardships and obstacles, I’ve never been ashamed to share my story.

Used to my advantage when coaching others on how to turn challenges to triumphs.🎉

Helping clients use a lifetime of acquired experience to go from victim to vixen in their personal life story is awesomely rewarding!

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