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Welcome! I am Courtney Jones, Podcast host, producer, and speaker.

Hi, I’m Courtney

Ms. Courtney Jones, if you’re feisty 🙂

I am a multi talented, multi passionate podcast host, coach, empty nester and speaker.

I’m in the “business” of helping people make intelligent decisions about what they’ve identified as challenges/obstacles to personal happiness, a sense of contentment, and day to day success in their lives and businesses. 

The world is changing and not everyone is comfortable with the idea.

  • Rapid Advances In Technologies
  • Shifts In The Way We Work and Live
  • A world without borders & linked by communication,

And all of it requires the ability to make conscious and smart decisions about how our individual actions affect the quality of the lives we all live .

The willingness of industry, groups, and individuals to carefully examine how their unconscious biases affect their mindset, culture, communication, and commitments is vital.

I’ve spent the last 20 years studying the secrets of success and the science of failure.
I speak and coach from my personal experience, a lot of my own mistakes, and keen  observation of the foibles of others.

I work with individuals to recognize how their mindset, internal motivations, and perspectives contribute to their actions, choices, and daily achievement.

The focus is on unflinching self awareness, honest communication, personal power and accountability.

Got a big idea or a little challenge you’d like a new perspective on?
Lets have coffee ☕ If youre in town,

Schedule a time to talk if you’re not.

I won’t try to sell you anything, (although I believe you’ll find the results of my personalized consulting and project coordination services more than pay for the initial investment) and you just might make a new friend 😆

The Future of Work Looks Like You.