After applying for close to 700 jobs in the past four weeks, it’s gotten less believable that companies can’t find employees, and more that they don’t really want the employees they’re claiming are so difficult to find.

Apparently, it’s a lot easier to whine to the government about the “ungrateful, lazy workers who just don’t believe in earning an honest dollar anymore.” Must be some tax incentives in there somewhere, because the story just isn’t ringing true anymore.

After losing my job a few weeks ago, it became very apparent that, companies had been given incentives to hire people en masse as an attempt to clear the unemployment rolls before the July 9th cutoff.

Shortly after, those companies began to release a lot of the same employees, creating a loop of frustration and cyclic unemployment. Not helpful when we also had the nationwide rental moratorium coming to an end as well.

A recent story that went viral concerning a guy in Florida, who got one interview after applying to 60 jobs, surprised no one who’s been out looking for an actual job that will cover the ever increasing cost of living.

If, like myself and millions of others in this country, you have pre-existing health conditions that have nothing to do with Covid, it’s been even more frustrating.

I was fortunate to already be in the remote, work from home sector before Covid locked everything down. I worked through the worse of it with customer service and front office/admin jobs, tech support jobs.

Once cities like Denver began to open back up, there was an extremely aggressive push to get people outside and back to work, no matter what the level of danger was.

The economy was the focus, not people’s health.

That seems to be one of the main reasons the numbers continue to spike unexpectedly across the country, vaccinations or no, because the focus has been on getting people back into crowded workspaces and eating out again. Individual’s health be damned.

The aggressive, almost hostile, stance the Colorado Department of Labor (@ColoradoLabor) has taken towards the unemployed has been to work with companies, not employees, in encouraging short term, temporary positions without benefits to encourage a drop in the reported numbers of unemployed.

And making sure it’s difficult to apply for and receive unemployment insurance.

As of today, I will continue to document each job I apply to, and to ensure the Department of Unemployment Assistance understands I am continuing to stay diligent – I will posting each job I apply to and tagging the Colorado Department of Labor on Twitter, my podcast, and other social media Daily, until my claim is processed.

After all, I have rent due in a week, and the government has already shown it cares nothing for those who can’t meet their obligations.

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